Ways to Give

Start Your Own Fundraiser

Group at a fundraiser walk wearing Doing Good shirts

Organize a walk and ask participants to donate or raise funds. You can even order Doing Good t-shirts for the team!

Starting your own fundraiser is a great way to give more than your individual donation. Involve your friends (and their friends) to help the homeless, orphans, students and other underserved people in meaningful ways. Have fun for a cause with your own Fundraiser, or as we like to call it…a FUNraiser!  

We recommend using the tools provided by FirstGiving to create your own “grassroots” or “peer-to-peer” fundraising campaign for The Stafford Foundation. With FirstGiving’s tools, you can turn any event into a fundraiser and notify your network of family, friends and colleagues about the cause. Track donations, send invitations and emails about events and even post your own pictures! FirstGiving describes themselves this way: 

“Since FirstGiving was founded over a decade ago, our organization has been dedicated to one purpose: empowering passionate nonprofit supporters to raise more money than they ever thought possible for the causes they care about.”

 Here are just some ways to raise funds.

  • Birthday party – ask for donations rather than gifts
  • Game night – invite over friends to play board games and request a donation for participating
  • Walk, run or stroller push – organize a group activity and have each person raise funds or make a donation
  • Wedding – let your guests know that you prefer a donation rather than a traditional gift
  • Softball tournament – transform your company or family sports tournament into “playing for a cause”
To add to the team spirit, order Doing Good t-shirts from The Stafford Foundation and have everyone wear them during your event and afterwards!

Check out FirstGiving’s fundraising tools now!

If you have any questions about a fundraiser, contact us at info@thestaffordfoundation.org.

Here are some frequently asked questions about personal fundraisers:

When would I sponsor a fundraiser?

Weddings, birthdays and anniversaries are great ways to direct gifts from friends and family to those less fortunate. Many people are aware of the importance of giving back to the community and look for opportunities to help the underserved.

How do I get started?

Check out the FirstGiving web site and read about how Individuals can raise funds for a cause that has personal meaning. You will build a personal fundraising page which should take an hour or less and designate The Stafford Foundation as your charity of choice.

Send us an email at info@thestaffordfoundation.org to let us know that you are starting a fundraiser. We will help you with the wording and provide you with a photo for your fundraising page. Once your page is created and approved, you can let your friends and family know.

How do I let my friends and family know about my fundraiser?

Once you create your page, you will have a personal web site address (URL) to tell the world about. FirstGiving gives you tools and ideas for spreading the word using your favorite social media outlet including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, email and even a blog. And you can always make an old-fashioned phone call to spread the word!

Will this cost me anything?

There will be no out-of-pocket expenses directly associated with the fundraiser unless you choose to kick-off your fundraiser with a donation. FirstGiving sends the proceeds of the fundraiser directly to The Stafford Foundation less a small service fee.

Is the donation form secure?

FirstGiving provides secure donation forms that are VeriSign secured and PCI compliant.

I volunteered at a soup kitchen before work today. I’ve never seen such a grateful and thankful group of people.

~ @sweetcrazyarmy (from twitter)