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The Stafford Centre

Helping in West Africa: Orphanage, School, Christian Church and More

The Stafford Centre

The Stafford Centre, in Burkina Faso, Africa, provides a secure home to orphans and vulnerable children along with education in a Christian setting. Through an ever-growing range of services, the Stafford Centre also strengthens the capacities of adults and Christian leaders. Services include:

  • An orphanage currently home to 24 boys and girls. The Centre will soon raise 48 boys and girls and ultimately provide a home for 100 orphaned children.
  • A Christian church where services are open to all for worship.
  • A school for teaching basic literacy and math to adults.
  • A school for orphans and other vulnerable children attended by boys and girls of all ages
  • A Conference Centre that has hosted children’s Bible camps, Christian leadership groups and even a volleyball tournament. 
  • Conference facilities featuring a spacious conference room appropriate for business discussions, a well-equipped kitchen, bathrooms and rooms for overnight accommodations.

Through all of these services, the Stafford Centre is providing the people of Burkina Faso with tools to help achieve independence. People who have lived in poverty, now have the chance to become independent and take what they have learned back to their communities – allowing them to help others as they have been helped themselves. 

women in Burkina Faso classroomThe Stafford Centre was built in collaboration with International Cooperating Ministries (ICM) and the Evangelical Association for Development Support (AEAD).

The Stafford Centre is located in Burkina Faso, in a landlocked part of West Africa. This country, known as Upper Volta when it was colonized by France, means “Land of Honorable People.” Burkinabes are known to be among the most honest people in Africa.

Donate now to help raise orphans in Africa, teach literacy and provide a Christian environment open to all. 

I volunteered at a soup kitchen before work today. I’ve never seen such a grateful and thankful group of people.

~ @sweetcrazyarmy (from twitter)