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Volunteer Stories

Here are some of the volunteer stories that people shared with us after Doing Good! Please share your story with us so that we can share it with others. If you would like to keep your name anonymous, just let us know.        

Volunteer Activity: E Bunny delivers to sick and underserved children
Volunteer: E Bunny Group in Las Vegas

For E Bunny, Easter 2013  was challenging, but one of the most special in the past 23 years! More than 1800 Easter baskets were delivered to sick, homeless & underprivileged children throughout the Las Vegas Valley thanks to generosity of our community.

Every Easter, E Bunny reaches out to children in need and lets them know Vegas hasn’t forgotten them. From the Children’s Hospital of Nevada at UMC – to homeless children throughout the Valley – donated Easter baskets brought moments of joy, and a beloved childhood experience they would not have had without community kindness!

Volunteer Activity: Change the Poor
Volunteer: Gracie

My little girl, Gracie, started saving up loose change she would find in order to donate it to missionaries. Those pennies, nickels, and quarters began to add up quickly.  Then, she started to ask family and friends for their spare change.  Her Grandpa and uncles added in dollar bills and a local Christian store also sponsors her work.  In the last 18 months, this little girl has given over $1,800 to help feed orphaned children at a school in Ethiopia.  She calls her ministry “Change the Poor” because that loose change can really change someone else’s life.

Volunteer Activity: Fundraising and more!
Volunteer: Christi

 I joined a co-ed service fraternity called Alpha Phi Omega. Since fall of 2011 I have done a 200+ service hours. I have also been a part of raising over $6,000 for an organization called Charity:water that helps build clean water wells in third world countries. I was able to do this while attending Brandeis University. I can’t wait to do even more great things while I’m still at school these next few years.

Volunteer Activity: Soup Kitchen
Volunteer: @sweetcrazyarmy (from twitter)

Volunteered at a soup kitchen before work today. I’ve never seen such a grateful and thankful group of people.

Volunteer Activity: Nursing Home Volunteer
Volunteer: @laurenLOacton (from twitter)

We just made over 60 Valentine’s cards for senior citizens in a local nursing home. #DoingGood #Volunteer #SpreadTheLove

Volunteer Activity: Teaching intern
Volunteer: @litleHeathMarie (from twitter)

I helped a child, who never speaks aloud, open up to her teachers.   #DoingGood #intern                                           

Volunteer Activity: Family Advocacy Center Volunteer
Volunteer: Cherie K.

I have spent the past several months volunteering for the City of Phoenix Family Advocacy Center, after completing my internship there. I have had the privilege of working with victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. It’s not exactly a glamorous position, but I have to tell you that speaking to clients after weeks of utilizing the counseling referrals and other services is joyous. So often the victims of these violent crimes experience such a profound change that they are willing to move forward with their lives, feeling more confident and express a sense of worth and confidence in themselves. It may be difficult work, but the rewards are remarkable. I am honored to be a volunteer.

Volunteer Activity: Visiting a homeless shelter with a teen
Volunteer: Elizabeth C.

I took my son and his friend to visit a homeless shelter in Washington, D.C. We were able to spend an hour listening to stories, giving encouragement and praying for a bright future. This had a noticeable effect on the men in the shelter and the teens were greatly moved by what they saw and learned. We will be visiting again soon.

Volunteer Activity: Casserole delivery to an elderly neighbor
Volunteer: Ralph J.

Some of the members of my church got together and made 60 casseroles for people in situations who might appreciate a meal. They were delivered to a homeless shelter, elderly men and women living alone and families who just welcomed a new baby to their family. I was asked to deliver a casserole to a “shut-in” and must admit that my arm was twisted a bit to do the delivery. But I am so glad that I did! The person that I delivered to  does not drive and does not leave her apartment very often. She was so pleased to have the company and the food. It warmed my heart and in the future, I will gladly volunteer and even convince someone else to get involved!

“Our clients generally find themselves on the receiving end of someone else’s generosity. It is extremely empowering when they have the opportunity to be the ones Doing Good.” 

~ Deborah Chambers, Central Union Mission