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Honoring Donors

The Stafford Foundation honors its donors who are committed to Doing Good for the underserved.

A special thanks to:

Working together to help

The Stafford Foundation encourages everyone to make a difference.

Deborah Chambers
Deep Mala Chopra
Faye Conley
Deborah Easter
Rose Free
Andrea Gill
Kayla Greene
Thomas & Vernall Howell
Audrey Jones-Prout
Gilbert Knowles
Ron Lofton
Janet McKenzie
Isaiah Morrison
Denise Moore
Brenda Moore
Nancy Myrick
Joan Norman
Robin Patterson
Harold Stafford
Shirley Wair

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“Our clients generally find themselves on the receiving end of someone else’s generosity. It is extremely empowering when they have the opportunity to be the ones Doing Good.” 

~ Deborah Chambers, Central Union Mission