About Us


The Stafford Foundation has had a direct impact on thousands of individuals through it’s programs: Give Before You Get, The Stafford Centre and Doing Good. Through partnerships with other nonprofits dedicated to helping the underserved, The Stafford Foundation has helped countless individuals take steps towards achieving self-sufficiency. 

Give Before You Get (GBYG) was founded in 2010 by The Stafford Foundation in partnership with organizations that help the underserved. GBYG provides the homeless and at-risk population with opportunities to brighten someone else’s day or lend a hand to others. They are truly giving to others before they get the job, the home or the peace of mind that they are working towards. Anchored in Washington,DC, Virginia and Maryland, the program has also been replicated in Cleveland, Memphis and New Orleans. Here is a video from one participant describing his experiences during and after Give Before You Get. 

The Stafford Centre in Burkina Faso is currently home to 24 orphaned children with a goal of reaching 100. Members of the community in and around Ougadougou frequently attend the Christian church. The Community and Conference Centre has hosted groups as large as 500. Men and women participate in job training, literacy and math classes – often with their children in attendance. The Stafford Centre quickly became an important community resource used for everything from children’s Bible camps, to men’s leadership training to volleyball tournaments! 

women in Stafford Centre classroom

Women are taught math, reading and job skills at The Stafford Centre.

 The Doing Good movement began with The People’s Inaugural Project and has been further promoted through a public service announcement featuring Bill Cosby. Nine students are attending college thanks to Doing Good scholarships, including Tiffany Youngren, who demonstrated extraordinary service to others and a drive to attain an academic degree.

Through volunteering, random acts of kindness and wearing Doing Good t-shirts to demonstrate their commitment to helping others, the Doing Good movement is making a difference in the world!

Wearing Doing Good t-shirts at a fundraising walk

Join the Doing Good movement! Organize a fundraiser and wear your Doing Good t-shirt!

I volunteered at a soup kitchen before work today. I’ve never seen such a grateful and thankful group of people.

~ @sweetcrazyarmy (from twitter)