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Providing catered food to 100 healthcare workers every Friday for the month of June at Howard University Hospital.

Changing the World, One Good Deed at a Time.

The Doing Good Book by the Stafford Foundation features 100 different good deeds you can do to help make the world a better place. Get your copy now!

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Global Ambassadors Program

We nurture future "glocal" leaders committed to making a difference in the world.

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Doing Good Initiative & DG Store

Doing good is a "glocal" initiative that inspires and empowers people to help others in need.

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Give Before You Get

We equip, empower and encourage our homeless and under-resourced neighbors to give back.

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TSF Impact Africa!

We provide tools to women in Africa to help them achieve self-sustainability.

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Changing the World, One Good Deed at a Time! TM

The Stafford Foundation

Doing Good!

We are helping others help themselves.

It only takes a little to make a big impact on someone else's life. We empower individuals to help themselves so that they will be capable of helping others.

Our Mission

The Stafford Foundation is a charitable organization based on the principles of Jesus Christ with a glocal mission of helping others to help themselves.

Our Vision

We envision a world in which all people will have the opportunity to become self-reliant and live in dignity.

our mission

The Stafford Foundation collaborates with and invests in capacity building efforts that support the underserved.

our vision

We are founded on the principles of Jesus Christ and envision a world in which all people have the opportunity to become self-reliant and live in dignity.

Who We Are

Doing good for others is the rent we pay for occupying our space on earth.

GBYG was founded in partnership with other organizations that help the underserved. This unique program provides the homeless and at-risk populations with opportunities to visit hospitals, assisted living centers and other care facilities as well as build homes which affords them the opportunity to give back.

Many who are typically on the receiving end of charity now have the opportunity of assisting others in need. This experience ingrains a sense of self-dignity and worth. Anchored in Washington, D.C., Virginia and Maryland, the program has been replicated in Cleveland, Memphis, and New Orleans.

Over the years, The Stafford Foundation has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants and assistance to individuals and participating organizations.

Learn more about giving back, donate to GBYG now.

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TSF Impact Africa!

Over the past decade, we have built more than 20 churches and provided critical assistance in Liberia, Tanzania, and Zambia. We have built world-class training centers and dormitories in South Africa, Rwanda, Uganda, Ethiopia, Sierra Leone and the Republic of Congo. We've partnered with AfriCARE and other organizations to make a significant impact in over 25 different countries in Africa.

Developed in collaboration with International Cooperating Ministries (ICM) and the Evangelical Association for Development Support (AEAD), the Stafford Centre is now home to 24 orphaned boys and 25 girls and will eventually house over 100 children in need.

In addition, the Centre provides a school for teaching basic literacy and math to adults; a school for orphans and other vulnerable children attended by boys and girls of all ages; and a Conference Centre that hosts children’s Bible camps, Christian leadership groups and even volleyball tournaments.

Make a donation to support our efforts in Africa today.

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Doing Good Initiative

The Doing Good Initiative inspires and empowers all people to lend a hand and make a difference in the world. The Stafford Foundation has a long history of helping people from all walks of life. It is well known for it’s People’s Inauguration Project (PIP) that brought more than 400 individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds to experience the 2009 inaugural celebration for President Barack Obama.

The Doing Good Initiative has expanded to include an annual “Doing Good” breakfast where we honor local heroes doing good in their communities as well as highlighting the impacts of our Global Ambassadors Program.

In addition to the annual breakfast, we collaborate with organizations to provide “Doing Good” scholarships to high-potential students who are service oriented.

Find out more about how so many are making our world a better place by doing good.

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"Doing Good" featured story

Albert Garcia helps his village in Panama by developing microloans for neighbors in need.

Each month we feature friends from all over the world doing good in their communities. Nominate someone doing good here.

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"We are firmly committed to changing the world for better, one good deed at a time!"
Earl W. Stafford

Doing Good Global Partners

We collaborate with forward-thinking organizations to build a world committed to doing good.