Give Before You Get (GBYG)
is an exciting program that empowers the underserved in our community to make a contribution to others.

On Saturday, December 12th individuals from homeless shelters in the Washington, DC area will volunteer to go Howard University Hospital and the Washington Hospital Center to provide small gifts and visit with hospital patients.

Help us in this effort by contributing toward the purchase of the gifts for our homeless volunteers to give to patients. Every $10 you contribute will go to the purchase of one gift. Your donation will help instill a great sense of dignity and purpose for those who are typically seen on the receiving end of charity. It doesn’t take a lot to do a lot!  Contribute to GBYG today. Text GBYG to 91999 to donate now!

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The Stafford Foundation manages three programs in partnership with other nonprofit organizations. These are:

Give Before You Get,
The Stafford Centre
Doing Good, and
Youth Athletics Community Champions Program

What Is Our Mission?


The Stafford Foundation collaborates with and invests in capacity-building efforts that equip the underserved through programs that provide health, education, training and faith-based mission support.

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I volunteered at a soup kitchen before work today. I’ve never seen such a grateful and thankful group of people.

~ @sweetcrazyarmy (from twitter)
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